Distributed Audio

Managing the sound needs of multiple user groups across a large commercial space can be extremely challenging.  Whether you want simple background music or the ability to make announcements/page people, we’ll work with you to conduct a thorough planning and design process before installation or commissioning begins.

From amplifiers and microphones to whether you want one central control panel or multiple controls, we can offer you a proven roadmap to accomplishing what you need within your space.

Sound masking expands options for distributed audio

Through a combination of technology and software, CustomWorks is also able to use distributed audio systems to provide your employees, clients and managers with vital privacy and confidentiality around offices and meeting spaces. This privacy eases concerns about conversations and offers employees, clients and others an environment where they can comfortably express themselves.

From the traditional office environment of cubicles, call centres and around meeting rooms to non-traditional spaces such as medical clinics, banks and hotel lobbies, there’s growing recognition of the benefits of using distributed audio to manage the sonic environment.

Productivity on top of privacy

As well as privacy, productivity is enhanced when staff are able to avoid distractions, focusing more clearly on the task at hand. Providing an environment where staff are able to ignore irregular ambient noises helps ease some of the stress of “tuning out” extraneous sounds and offers staff a calming audio environment.

Take action to solve your commercial needs

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