Full Office Automation

The overall benefits of true office automation – when you’re able to integrate all of your key environmental control systems such as audio, video, heat and light come about as soon as you experience these key process working in a coordinated fashion to regulate the conditions you’ve specified for each zone or area of your office, regardless of the environment outside.

With this kind of planning and coordination, your staff or customers will be able to count on consistent and reliable facility conditions year round, regardless of the effects of solar heat gain, humidity or natural light levels.

Benefits extend to carbon reductions as well

Helping manage and reduce your corporate carbon footprint is another key benefit to effective office automation. By determining ideal states for traditional low-use periods such as evenings and weekends and adopting methods that avoid potential heating/cooling conflicts, you can save money and lower the impact your operations make on the environment.

Wide range of automation tools available

As the number of tools available to assist with full office automation continues to grow, so does the CustomWorks’ team’s ability to find new and effective solutions.

From climate control using occupancy sensors, HVAC temperature monitors and natural light monitors to roller shades and various high-tech sensors, our teams of designers, technical experts, and project managers are able to orchestrate and integrate these new tools as they continue to evolve. This focus on effective integration comes from our ongoing, highly successful work teams involving TLD Computers (our sister organization) and our multidisciplinary CustomWorks team.

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