IT integration

Integrated approach produces benefits

One of CustomWorks’ key competitive advantages in the audio/video industry is our ability to integrate a range of hardware and software options with the latest IT Solutions.

Because we’re part of the London Drugs family along with our sister organization – TLD Computers, CustomWorks is able to offer a uniquely integrated team approach in the marketplace. By calling on the expertise of both CustomWorks AV team and TLD IT experts we provide a family and team approach to your needs. The requirement for both the IT and the AV team to work collaboratively is paramount to the client experience in today’s ever-changing technology landscape.

While this integration is obviously vital, not every AV Company is able to leverage a client’s current IT platform effectively. CustomWorks’ multidisciplinary team of AV installers, programmers, designers, project managers, combined with TLD’s  IT system engineers, IT technicians and IT installers along with software experts are perfectly positioned to efficiently combine these systems and help you reduce the amount of training and technology adaptation required, offering a smoother path for staff to use the solutions to their full extent.

Long-term technology partners key as well

Like TLD, CustomWorks also benefits from the stability and long-term collaboration that London Drugs has established over many decades with a variety of technology suppliers and distributors. You can share the benefits of these solid relationships by having us deliver your complete solution.

Take action to solve your commercial needs

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CustomWorks Case Study

During the process of implementing a nationally integrated digital signage solution for a Canadian retailer, the CustomWorks team worked closely with the company’s IT staff to learn more about the security and compatibility issues associated with installing a wireless network while keeping the organization’s firewall intact.

After comparing the client’s network capacity and protocols against the requirements of the new digital signage system, we were able to collaborate closely with the company’s IT leaders to plan and implement the new digital signage solution without any network outages or unplanned downtime.

Project Benefits

As a result of effective collaboration between the CustomWorks project team, our IT-partner, TLD Computers, and the client’s IT staff, we were able to design and implement a digital signage solution with practically no impact on the client’s existing network.

The solid working relationship established during the project enabled us to design the new signage system to use a “store and forward” method of updating content, reducing network load during peak times, and ensuring that the system would continue basic operations in the unlikely event of a network disruption. We were also able to ensure the client’s existing security protocols were met without sacrificing performance of the new signage system.