Lighting & Controls

ROI on energy management delivered quickly

As a business, you may be unknowingly wasting money each year on unnecessary heating or lighting for your corporate space. CustomWorks can help you save thousands of dollars annually with an integrated energy management plan that takes into account your lighting and control needs for your entire office or commercial space.

Comfort and economy can increase productivity for staff

A CustomWorks energy management plan not only takes into account ways to reduce the use of energy, it also factors in potential adjustments to light levels in a given space to reflect the activities taking place there. With modern technology such as LED lighting, light levels can be adjusted to not only save money but increase the comfort and productivity of users.

By combining this activity analysis with management of natural light in the office space, CustomWorks can tailor the environmental controls to account for variations on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis. These programmed adjustments can improve the overall experience of staff and customers, making an impact on experience, function and comfort.

We’re creative and adaptable when we integrate lighting and controls, with plenty of experience in taking individual lighting products – featuring many different types of control types – and integrating them into one coordinated system. Our integration can be tied into your existing lighting systems or adapted to use touch panel or PC/tablet controls.

At CustomWorks, we deal exclusively in high-quality equipment from market leaders like Crestron and other manufacturers, employing all varieties of industry-standard control methods including:

  • IP control
  • RS 232
  • IR

With the ability of our project teams to incorporate the ideas of designers, project managers and programmers, clients can benefit from our experience and skills in integrating technology and PC-based controls.

Take action to solve your commercial needs

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CustomWorks Case Study

A large provincial insurance association approached us as they were updating their offices, moving from an older, inflexible office space in the Gastown area of Vancouver, into a brand new downtown building. As a result, they needed an updated boardroom with added functionality to keep pace with the demands they were facing and to fit their new organizational brand.

We designed and installed their entire audio, video, and lighting system, establishing controls for a large executive boardroom while also allowing the space to be divided into two separate workable spaces that can be used and controlled individually. This allows two different activities to occur simultaneously while leaving each other undisturbed: for example a presentation or videoconference can be going on in one room while, in another, teambuilding or training exercises.

Project Benefits

The large display technology and full wireless networking provided across the entire boardroom improved the ease of use and functionality of the system for client users. The overall A/V design complemented the facility well, giving the space an integrated and well-designed look and feel and the divisible space provided more options to use the space effectively.