Presentation Systems

One of the keys to delivering a dynamic presentation – whether it’s in a small two-person meeting room, in a 30-seat boardroom or an auditorium – is being able to communicate your ideas in an effective, memorable way. From first-impression sales pitches, weekly in-house meetings or education seminars the quality of your presentation system plays an important role in ensuring your ideas hit the mark.

Regardless of whether you’re starting to design a commercial presentation system from scratch or updating an existing system, our dedicated project staff of designers, programmers and installers adapt our proven needs analysis process to guide you to the presentation environment that best suits your needs and corporate style.

From large-format TV walls to motorized shades/blinds and lighting controls, we can ensure the space you’re in allows your presentations to be polished and professional by ensuring your various technologies mesh with each other smoothly. Having a problem around ongoing use of the presentation systems and need support? Our Help Desk is available for clients experiencing technical difficulties.

Interactive technology unlocks team potential

Advances in interactive technology are allowing clients to engage in all kinds of basic and elaborate data collaborations. By using some of the latest innovations such as interactive whiteboards, video walls, touch screens and HD video conferencing projectors, we’ll prepare you to unlock the potential of your collaboration efforts.

Long-term supplier relationships pay dividends for clients

With our long-term partnerships with equipment and technology providers, we’re able to provide you with the technology and ongoing support you’ll need to maintain the effectiveness of that presentation environment.

Take action to solve your commercial needs

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CustomWorks Case Study

A BC-based Crown corporation with $480+ million in annual revenue was frustrated with reliability and low quality of the audio/visual presentation equipment in their main boardroom. Presentations in this room were typically delivered to senior level executives from around the world, and technical difficulties were quickly becoming time-consuming and costly.

The first steps in retrofitting this important area were updating presentation equipment from basic screen and projector technology to a top-of-the-line, high-resolution LCD 98” monitor, as well as installing improved audio equipment and microphones. In order to make the system more intuitive for all users, we designed and provided a simple graphical user interface for the new technology.

Project Benefits

To minimize downtime and technical errors, we included a preventative maintenance process that ensures maximum system availability and optimal performance.

Since our initial analysis and system installation, the company’s happily reported not only dramatic improvements in the quality of their presentation graphics, but they’ve also experienced dramatic increase in quality and reliability. These updates and system improvements also increased the impact and effectiveness.