Video & Audio Solutions

As modern digital technology becomes increasingly affordable and the quality of connections improve, video and audio solutions are increasingly effective methods of connecting with fellow co-workers, clients or suppliers.

CustomWorks’ video and audio solutions are helping solve long-term issues around collaboration and travel by increasing productivity amongst users and decreasing travel costs and time. This “shrinking” of the globe means users are now working together across greater distances, using a customized suite of tools for sharing ideas, brainstorming and problem solving as a team.

Delivering both hardware, software and training

From screen-sharing functions to enhanced videoconferencing, the range of tools available has expanded significantly to enable robust, vibrant collaboration.

CustomWorks has continued to grow with this exciting shift in technology. Moving from being primarily an equipment supplier to an established, successful integrated provider of video and audio  – offering consultation planning, procurement, implementation, training and on- going support.

Take action to solve your commercial needs

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CustomWorks Case Study

As a large Vancouver-based law firm was settling into their new home in a high-tech building, they realized they needed to enable staff collaboration across a variety of groups within their firm. They also wanted to conduct regular all-staff meetings and general conferences of varying sizes, so required a large yet flexible, open-style room, with the ability to conduct sizeable Town Hall sessions.

Following our initial analysis, the CustomWorks team installed large LCD displays with top of the line projection technology to provide bright, stunning visuals across the large space, and audio conferencing hardware and software were integrated to fit the existing area to accommodate small or large groups.

Project Benefits

These updates not only improved the visual quality of presentations, but also increased the usability and flexibility of the overall space, allowing for improved communication and optimal collaboration between all staff and clients.