Our CustomWorks Team

CustomWorks  is a team of people with broad talent and skill, known for customer service. There is no one member that creates magic but instead a group of people that all focus on a common goal, ensuring a high-level client experience. We are very lucky to have people committed and loyal to the company, with some staff having over 20 years tenure and lots of stories to share!  We have designers, installers, programmers, account managers, purchasers, logistics coordinators, project managers and more! Plus we have the added benefit of our sister organizaion TLD Computers, our partners in an integrated IT and AV offering.  TLD Computers has been an IT Solution and Services company for over 30 years.  We work together to ensure all aspects of technology are top notch.

Together our team is a collective group that recognizes the importance of customer service.

Dave Bull

General Manager

As a result of a lengthy history in the technology industry, Dave is well known by clients, competitors and industry experts across the country. His no-nonsense approach and his experience as a business owner and manager, both in Eastern and Western Canada mean he isn’t guided by passing fads but rather his clients. His bottom-line focus on client needs has enabled him to capably navigate the changing landscape over the past three decades and make him a strong leader within the team. An accomplished golfer, Dave enjoys the sport as often as possible and still meets once a year with his high school buddies for a golfing adventure.

Kim Hutmacher

Assistant General Manager

Kim is a long-time member of the London Drugs family and applies her clear understanding of the company’s focus on customer satisfaction to her work with clients as well as the internal team. She’s known for her attention to detail which is reflected in her knack for piecing things together in projects both big and small. Her commitment to relationships is shown in her management philosophy and her long standing associations with vendors and business partners. In her spare time, Kim is an ongoing home renovator; she is as comfortable with a nail gun and compressor as she is with a laptop.

Siddika Jessa

Service Manager

Siddika’s primary role is to focus on the services organization and to support the requirements of our clients. Siddika has a long history of understanding, supporting and managing industry leading technologies while developing skilled teams. Siddika has a reputation for digging to the root of situations, finding optimized solutions, implementing strong processes and achieving results. Her ability to work with technology, staff and keeping a business focus makes her a multitalented contributor. She also participates in community initiatives and development programs in her spare time.

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