Residential Multi Home Development

CustomWorks has been designing, supplying and installing integrated media solutions for multi-home development clients across Western Canada for more than 20 years. With our decades of experience and wide range of clientele, we have the ability to create, improve or service a solution tailoured to your unique development audio/video needs.

Helping homes stand out from the crowd

Innovative use of technology can be a key differentiator in today’s highly competitive market for multi-family luxury developments. CustomWorks works with contractors and developers to define a development brand and to help them stand out in a cluttered marketplace.


Network architecture – equipping developments with a reliable, secure backbone is an essential first step.

Smart Home Solutions – seamless integration and ease of use are two hallmarks of our Smart Home projects.

Lighting & Controls – learn more about our expertise in harnessing or enhancing the home environment to maximize the comfort experience.

Security, Surveillance & Access Management – we’re proud of the protection and peace of mind provided by our security solutions.

Total Home Entertainment Solutions – balancing technology with the design aesthetic of a home is our strength.