Lighting & Controls

Light and temperature play significant roles in our everyday lives. In the world of residential multimedia solutions, balancing control of these two conditions is essential. In both cases, too much – or not enough – can have impacts on personal experience, environment, energy consumption and more.

Balancing light with dark

How can all competing levels of desired light exist in one place effectively? The answer: with good planning and design as well as by using the latest in lighting and control technologies.

Understanding how to take individual lighting products – featuring many different control types – and integrating them into one coordinated system is central to what we do.

Customizing environments for all

CustomWorks can tailor controls to enable everyone to relax in comfort, offering programmed adjustments that reflect the needs of all. From privacy to party, from chilly to warm, we provide the ability to control whichever environment they want, whenever they want it.

Industry proven equipment only

We deal exclusively in high-quality equipment from market leaders like Crestron and other manufacturers, employing all varieties of industry-standard control methods including:

  • IP control
  • RS 232
  • IR

Demand performance from your AV project

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