Network Architecture

Solid backbone pays dividends

In a multi-family luxury residence, a network is the foundation for residential connectivity. Without a stable and secure foundation, the performance of the components that make up the communication, entertainment or security system will be compromised, unable to deliver the performance you want on a regular basis.

Connecting the components of a typical Smart Home is more than simply a matter of plug-and-play. To be truly integrated, each component requires a series of connections – both wired and wireless – to power them and keep them working seamlessly.

Beginning with effective design

Our approach always begins with a rigorous design process, an important first step in optimizing your network solution. Our network solutions offer flexibility and customization because each home or group of homes is unique.

Factors such as the demands of streaming audio and video and being able to handle spikes in demand can be challenging to network performance. While bandwidth is one factor in coping with demand, so are hardware and configuration of the key components. With the support of our experienced IT partner, TLD Computers, we’ve got the experience and technical knowledge to bridge the network gap and create the foundation for a custom build.

Demand performance from your AV project

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