Smart Home Solutions

There’s plenty of companies professing to offer Smart Home solutions these days. But how many of these companies have the solid foundation of an Information Technology partner behind them?

At CustomWorks, our knowledge of how to seamlessly and securely integrate the hundreds of devices, controllers and software programs out there is a key differentiator for us. Without this expertise, it can be challenging to combine the dozens of control measures into one system. Our ability to navigate the technical environment allows us to offer clients one focal point for their system.

Planning and integration are key

From building-wide integration to individual home control systems, knowing what’s needed and where is almost as important as understanding the technology. It’s why we take the extra bit of time required to define the expectations of the end user before we start a project.

Not sure what you want in the Smart Home Solution? We can help with that too. We’re in touch with the rapidly changing technology so that our clients’ investment in comfort technology is a long-lasting one. From intuitive homes to voice-controlled appliances, from leak detection and monitoring systems to Instant notifications and camera controls, we know what it takes to make homes shine!

Post-installation is where we continue to shine

A unique CustomWorks offering is the support and service coordination that clients can access from our Help Desk team. This after-sale service support provides access to our vast range of skilled technical teams, from trouble shooting to yearly maintenance or upgrades, this team can help you out.

Demand performance from your AV project

Contact us for a quote or more information about video and audio solutions or any of our other multimedia services for homes or developments including: